2019 Program - Call for Papers

All residents and fellows worldwide welcome!

Novick Award: Call for Abstracts

Resident and Fellow Competition - $1,000 First Prize for Best Paper

Program to be held in Chicago during AUA Annual Meeting - time and venue TBD

Abstract Submission Deadline March 10, 2019

Urology residents and fellows are invited to submit abstracts related to renal transplantation, renal surgery and adrenal surgery. The top six abstracts, based on scientific quality and originality, will be presented in a moderated podium session. There will be 7 minutes for each presentation and 3 minutes for discussion. The Novick Award and $1,000 will be given for the best abstract. The abstracts submitted cannot be on the 2018 AUA program.

Preparation of the abstracts is similar to that for the AUA Annual Meeting.

  1. Size: <2,280 characters; this includes the body of the abstract, tables, and graphics; tables = 225 characters. Send in a Word Document, Page setup: width 8.5″, height 11.5″. Use 0.5″ inch margins for top/bottom and right/left. Use 10 pt. Arial font (or smaller if needed).
  2. Title: Clearly define the topic; no abbreviations.
  3. Authors: List the primary author’s full name, followed by the other author’s names; spell out the names of all authors using full first name, middle initial and last name. Resident(s) or fellow(s) MUST be identified in the author list in bold
  4. Presenting Author: If the author(s) of the abstract is an employee(s) of or has a financial relationship with a commercial interest which controls the content of the presentation then he/she cannot be the presenting author. However, principal investigators responsible for research and development are permitted to present as long as they resolve their conflicts of interest (COI) and as long as they are not employees of the commercial interest. The abstract MUST be presented by a urology resident or fellow.
  5. Body of Abstract: Make it informative and detailed.

*The body must contain 4 separate paragraphs: Introduction and Objective, Methods, Results and Conclusions.

*It is not acceptable to state that “The results will be discussed.”

*Standard abbreviations may be used as follows: on first use, spell out the full term and follow with the abbreviation in parentheses.

*Graphs and tables may be used; characters in graphs and tables are counted towards the overall character limit of the abstract.

*Use generic, not proprietary, names of drugs.

  1. Source of Funding: Grant support must be indicated on the “Source of Funding” line. If there is no support, “None” must be listed. This is a required field.
  2. Conflicts of Interest and Disclosure Statement: all authors must disclose COI.

Abstracts should be prepared in standard AUA format and submitted by email to jeannie@desantisgroup.com with a copy to evapnek@genhp.com by March 10, 2019.

You will receive an email acknowledgement of your abstract submission and e-mail notification if your abstract is accepted. Please direct questions to the USTRS office or emails above.

Sincerely, Evan Vapnek, MD, Secretary-Treasurer, USTRS