An introduction to the USTRS by Alp Sener, MD,  Ph.D.


USTRS Mission

The Urologic Society for Transplantation and Renal Surgery (USTRS) is a nonprofit corporation, established to provide an academic forum for members who share an interest in renal transplantation, kidney surgery, end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and vascular surgery. The primary purpose of the Society is to enhance the quality of physician training, research, and patient care in this subspecialty of urology.

USTRS History

The society initially began as the Urologic Society for Transplantation and Vascular Surgery (USTVS) at the AUA Annual Meeting in 1985.  In 1987, the USA’s “Residency Review Committee essentials to Urologic Residency Training” – listed transplantation as 1 of 6 areas which should be included in the training curriculum.  In 1999, the Society for Transplantation and Vascular Surgery was recognized by AUA and AUA’s CME Mission Statement listed transplantation as one of urology’s domains.  The USTVS subsequently changed its name to USTRS in 2006 to better reflect its member constituents.

Current Activities

USTRS currently holds one meeting per year in connection with the AUA Annual Meeting, typically in mid-May.  The meeting includes updates on transplant and oncological breakthroughs, techniques, protocols, research and features international perspectives on transplantation in urology.  It is at this meeting where the annual Novick research award is presented for the best resident or fellow research project.

Future Plans and Opportunities

USTRS strives to be a resource for national and international transplant centers, sharing best practices, protocols and research. USTRS wishes to expand its web presence and will promote fellowship opportunities, webinars on key topics in transplantation and facilitate fellowship exchange programs.  Volunteers are sought to serve on committees to (1) help organize the annual meeting, and (2) develop new ideas for member engagement.

Benefits of Membership

  • Scientific Meeting.Be involved in the International Hour. Each year, this highlights urologic transplantation in different countries, giving and sharing unique perspectives and sharing novel expertise.
  • Network of Experts. Access to the USTRS website and members only section for you to network with other USTRS members and experts in urology, renal surgery, and transplantation.
  • Career Advice.Have a question for an expert regarding career related or practice question that needs an answer? We are here to help you with any professional concerns you may have.
  • Renal Transplant Fellowship Listings.View a listing of Renal Transplant and Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowships and observerships offered through our membership.

Membership Dues

The annual dues for Active Membership are $100 USD for full members and $25 for an associate (Fellow) membership.  Active members are Urologists who demonstrate interest in any aspect of renal/organ transplantation, kidney surgery, surgery for ESRD and/or vascular surgery.