Dr. Barry’s 2019 meeting “take away notes”

Peritoneal Dialysis.

The visual obturator technique and the swan-neck catheter are good ideas.

Prostate Cancer.

If a kidney transplant candidate or recipient would otherwise qualify for active surveillance, it’s safe.

Re-transplantation of previously transplanted kidneys.

It’s reasonable.

Robotic vs open renal transplantation.

No comment.

Is cytoreductive nephrectomy dead?

No. One can consider systemic therapy followed by nephrectomy is there’s a response. [Nephrectomy in the face of metastatic seems reasonable if local symptoms are present or impending in a patient with a reasonable Karnovsky score.]

Muscle pump device improves kidney transplant function.

It works. [It also prevents DVTs.] Do it.

Novel cooling device for kidney transplant surgery.

Clever coil system that may or may not replace the myriad of techniques currently used for surface cooling.

Patient decision aid for the management of small renal masses.

The Novick prize-winning presentation. [Clever, those Canadians.]

Routine cross matching for blood transfusion in renal transplantation.

Unnecessary, except on a case-by-case basis.

Tubeless extraperitoneal kidney transplantation in children.

The extraperitoneal technique is standard in some programs. [It’s always easier to remove a drain than wish you’d put one in.]

Endovascular treatment for transplant renal artery stenosis.

It’s preferred to the open technique.